How does Expy as a ‘Link in Bio tool’ affect brands with its advanced features?

  • Monetize their contents
  • If they want they can make a subdomain website
  • They can analyze their audiences
  • Creatorpreneurs will reach their potential audiences with the help of Expy
  • By using Expy they can earn money by sharing content.
  • They must not have massive followers at the beginning
  • just need to create pieces of stuff and be like their own
  • Expy will allow clubbing all work links together
  • Just have to use only a few clicks to create a customized website of their own
  • they don’t have to wait for the brand collaboration for earning
  • Expy will help them to build an attractive personality on the web



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Expy Sayantan

Expy Sayantan


Hi, This is Sayantan from Expy. I am writing regarding a new tool for new age content creators. Myself as an expert digital marketer I recommend Expy.